eLearning is one of the most popular buzzwords of 2021. But what is eLearning really? How big will the demand for eLearning be in the next couple of years? Who uses it? And what are the trends and tendencies shaping the niche? We’re here to help you find out!

Indeed, everyone everywhere is talking about eLearning. Keeping up with the digital age is now a task for the entire education sector. More and more businesses and educational establishments are moving training and classes online, using interactive eLearning materials and managing operations digitally.

As we’ve already developed custom education software

Everyone everywhere is talking about eLearning. It’s no wonder online learning is having its moment. The coronavirus outbreak upended almost every aspect of our lives at once, including work-based and academic education. It wasn’t just a move from offices and classrooms to computer screens. Schools tested ideas about attendance, instruction, and testing while businesses looked for ways to launch fully remote training programs. Both had to rethink the role of technology and the human connections holding it all together.

As we’ve already developed custom education software and collaborated with different eLearning businesses, we understand it’s important to prepare thoroughly before you get into the eLearning industry. We’ve analyzed a bunch of statistics, surveys, and search trends and have drawn from our own insights to craft our eLearning Software Development…

Even though customer relationship management became a thing not so long ago, the concept itself emerged in the 1970s, when businesses relied on frontline feedback, annual surveys, and customer database statistics to assess customer satisfaction.

Today, customer relationship management, or simply CRM, is a comprehensive strategy that includes practices, principles…

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is extremely important for businesses’ success, so choosing the right ERP for your company is critical. While deciding on the ERP system for your organization, you’ll encounter multiple types. It’s crucial to read about and understand all of the options, as the type of ERP system you choose will greatly influence what benefits your business will reap from your ERP in the future.

In this article, we dive deep and explain the difference between cloud-based and on-premise enterprise resource planning systems, compare top ERP systems, and give you tips based on Steelkiwi’s experience.

What is an ERP system and why would a company want one?

Enterprise resource planning systems are valued across many companies and industries. These systems link together business processes and aid the…

Is this situation familiar? Your business has started growing, and your multiple software programs have become cumbersome and chaotic to manage. Errors, data duplication, and internal miscommunication occur frequently. Or maybe it’s the other way round: Your business is stagnant and you want to implement changes to stimulate growth.

Many companies put all of their effort and time into the places where they interact with their customers. …

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