How to Create a Meditation App Based on the Examples of Calm and Headspace

Virtual mental healthcare benefits

What is a meditation application?

The best meditation apps on the market

Headspace and Calm app features

#1 Onboarding

#2 Home page

#3 Play screen

#4 Meditation sessions

#5 Notifications and reminders

  • Thoughtful expressions
  • Bedtime notifications
  • Mood check-ins
  • Wake-up reminders
  • Gratitude check-ins
  • Meditation reminders

#6 User profile

Want to build a meditation app like Headspace or Calm? Find out how.

Create your own meditation app

Research and validate your idea

  1. What audience do you seek to attract: first-time users, people with experience, or both?
  2. What problems do you want to solve and how do you plan to solve them?
  3. What kinds of activities is your app going to provide?
  4. What unique value is your app going to bring?
  5. What are your app’s must-have features and which are optional?
  6. How do you plan to track the app’s performance?
  7. How do you plan to monetize your app?

Find and hire your development team

Create a list of requirements and a design concept

Meditation app design


Develop an MVP

Gather feedback and define next steps

Ways to make your meditation app profitable


In-app purchases

Pay to download

Final thoughts



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